Armagnac shoes for men

Are you looking for a pair of colored leather men's shoes? Choose the armagnac color. Its woody hue with a touch of gold can be matched with many outfits, chic or casual.
At LodinG, we have been selling men's leather shoes since 1998. Find our range of luxury men's armagnac shoes in store or on our online store.

Discover our collection of men's armagnac shoes

Armagnac shoes in smooth leather give a more relaxed look to your outfits, while remaining very elegant.
Different options are available: Brogues, moccasins, shoes with buckles, ankle boots or sneakers. For the manufacture of our shoes, the best leathers are selected.
Goodyear or Blake stitching ensures the strength and durability of our shoes, while providing you with real walking comfort .

LodinG, a brand of luxury men's armagnac shoes

At LodinG, we create high-end men's shoes as well as clothing and accessories. Our objective: to allow our customers to access luxury thanks to controlled prices .
Our models of men's armagnac shoes seduce lovers of beautiful shoes. Also discover our range of black shoes and our brown shoes for men.

Buy your men's armagnac shoes in store

Come and discover our wide choice of armagnac shoes in one of the 15 LodinG points of sale.
Visit our men's shoe shops in Bourges, Strasbourg or in the Île-de-France region.