The term toe of shoe to which we will focus on here corresponds to the finish of the vamp on the front of the shoes. This finish is important in the style of the shoes, and therefore their proper use depending on the circumstances and your outfit.
As for the shape of the tip, whether it is square, pointed or rounded, that will be the subject of another article.

If you want to know what the different types of toe of shoe are? You are in the right place. In the following lines, we will introduce you to the various types of shoe tips and how to identify them.

We really distinguish 3 types of shoe tips, the plain or one-cut toe, the straight toe, and the brogue cap. As for the perforated toe-cap, very often considered as the fourth type of toe, is not really one because it can just as easily decorate a straight toe shoe, a plain toe shoe or a brogue cap shoe.

Plain toe or One-Cut

The plain toe, also known as the One-Cut toe, is a shoe whose upper (upper part of the shoe) has no seams. This shoe is easily recognizable because it is made from a single piece of leather. This is why the entire upper part of the shoe is completely smooth.

Plain toe or one-cut toe A One-Cut shoe model with a simple and elegant line

This type of shoe is therefore characterized by a clean line of great elegance and is particularly suitable for the most formal occasions.

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Straight toe-cap

A straight toe-cap is a toe marked by a straight seam at the front of the shoe between the vamp and the toe. This seam may be due to the addition of a piece of leather to the end of the shoe. In this case, we are talking about a straight toe-cap, as opposed to a straight shape.

toe cap for men Oxford shoes with cap toe for men

The seam can also be purely decorative: the end is then simulated.

The straight toe-cap can also have a line decorated with perforations, this shape is called “perforated straight toe” and concerns Brogue type shoes.

perforated straight toe This model has an atypical straight toe with perforations.

The added or simulated straight end is the most classic of all.

When to wear men's shoes with a cap toe?

With its classic side, this very versatile type of shoe can be worn at the office or in town as well as at a wedding.

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Wing cap

The wing cap (or Bogue cap), like the straight toe, also benefits from the addition of a piece of leather on the vamp. On the other hand, here, the seam of the piece is not straight but extends to the back of the shoe. The brogue cap is characterized by its typical W shape. Most often, decorative perforations decorate the toe of the shoe. We then speak of Brogue type shoes.

Golf toe shoes for men This Derby model has a floral wing cap recognizable by the cutout of the W-shaped yoke.

Although less formal than one-cut or cap toe shoes, wingtip shoes allow you to add a more casual detail to your style.

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Perforated toe-cap

The perforated toe-cap designates a shoe whose toe has decorative perforations of different sizes and shapes on the vamp. As indicated previously, a perforated toe-cap shoe can have the three types of tips previously mentioned.


Men's dress shoes with floral toe
This Richelieu has a floral toe and a perforated straight toe.


As with wing cap, perforated toe-cap shoes are more original and less formal. They are therefore rather reserved for daily use, although putting them in the office is not heresy.

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