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If leather is maintained correctly, it will retain its elasticity and its beautiful lustre. In contrast, neglected shoes will become dry and brittle in the creases, and the longevity of the shoe will become short.

Our box set has everything you need to achieve good-looking shoes. You will need a cleaning brush, which is identified by its hard bristles, which can easily remove dried dirt and stains. A set of polishing brushes, which are more flexible and are used to apply the polish. It is recommended to use a different brush for each polish colour. You can also use a cloth for polish application.

Polish and moisturizer are key ingredients to well maintained leather. These products should be enriched with beeswax and be manufactured with the greatest possible natural element. The polish should match the colour of your shoes, however if you would like to give them a patina, you can use a shade or two darker to get the desired effect.



Any stains or dirt should be removed with a brush. The function of polish is not to clean but to nourish the leather. Polish should be spread in slow circular motions; a little goes a long way. Putting too much product on the shoes will make it harder to polish and will not benefit the leather. If the leather is dry or cracked, leave the first layer of polish on for 10 minutes before applying the second.

When polishing a shoe with broguing details, you must remove the excess wax from the holes. This can be done with a brush. Polishing this style of shoe can be tedious and require intensive care. The sole and heel must also be polished. To bring out the shine you can go over the shoe in a fast motion with a silk cloth or clean cotton. 



Glazing is the ultimate art of shoe polish. Reserved for the real enthusiast of the shoe, everyone does not necessarily appreciate this specificity.

The process begins with a good brush that will remove any dust from the shoes. Professionals will use a product called turpentine, which will dissolve affixed polishes. A cream or moisturizer should be applied and then have it soak in the shoe for some time. After you will apply to wax crudely with a cloth that is tightly stretched over your middle and index finger. Using a brush you will remove all excess wax.

Between each layer of wax you will want to add a few drops of water. Then mix the two components emphasizing the work on the tip and heel. You need very little wax and water to achieve this shine. Using circular motion you will heat the leather and the mixture of wax and water will crystallize the wax particles. You do not need to use extensive force or speed.

Glazing takes between 20-30 minutes, mastery and expertise will come with practice. In the end you will get a mirror shine on your leather, glistening on the tip and the heel of your shoe. Glazing will fade over time, it is best to go over your shoes with a soft cloth and polish every 3-4 days of wearing the shoe. 

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